Memories of Thurnham Hall

thurnham hall 3

PART investigated the fantastic and lovely Thurnham Hall near Lancaster in 2010. It was a great investigation with many highlights, however there was one event for me that stood out in particular. As we normally do, we were taking the initial walk round to look at the areas we will be investigating and take base line readings with our equipment. In the room known for obvious reasons as The Chapel, we were told by our local guide and fellow paranormal investigator, Sharon, how the large and ornate chandelier moves by itself and is sometimes seen swinging.

There are of course, a few rational reasons why a chandelier might swing of its own accord, a breeze blowing on it for example, however as this was being explained to us I became aware of a presence in the room with us, near to me. This was quite unusual as my abilities as a medium have never been great and usually I had to concentrate very hard in order to sense anything. It was very rare indeed that I felt anything when I wasn’t trying, and yet I was very much aware of this entity, this spirit trying to tell me something.

To be clear, I didn’t see a ghost, or anything else for that matter, and I didn’t hear anything either. I simply, and suddenly, became very aware that the chandelier does in fact move quite often, that it was caused by ghostly or paranormal activity, and not only that, but that it would move tonight for us! The person giving me this information felt like they were very enthusiastic and I would even say happy about this. I could almost see them beaming as they told me and I couldn’t help but smile too. The strength of this information I was suddenly aware of was so strong that I had no doubt about it what so ever. It felt to me like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and so I informed the team of the feelings I had.

Well, no EMF meters went off, there was no noises or anything else unusual at the time so eventually we moved on and toured the rest of the hall. We came back the Chapel later on however there was, disappointingly, no unusual activity at all in there other that a few noises we could not explain. One of our team who was also developing their mediumistic abilities, did however produce a wealth of very detailed information in almost every room of the hall. This information was verified by our guides who knew the hall and I must say we were all blown away by the level of detail that was sensed that night.

This kept us busy for most of the night to the point where we never made it back to the Chapel, and with a long journey back to Leeds ahead of us, we were close to calling an end to the investigation. I couldn’t give up on the chandelier though. Someone had told me they would move for us tonight so I told the group I was going back to the Chapel for another ten minutes or so. Fortunately Tom came with me so I had a witness to what happened next.

As I eagerly approached the door to the chapel with Tom trailing behind me, I half expected to see the chandelier swinging away as we entered…and was more than a little disappointed to see it perfectly still as it had been all night. Tom and I wandered around for a few minutes, speaking to anyone listening and asking them if they wanted to move the chandelier.


We did this two or three times, and still nothing. I couldn’t believe that I had been so sure and yet in a few more minutes we would be packing up and going home. We told anyone listening that we would be going home soon, still nothing, the chandelier remained perfectly still as if it was incapable of movement. Crestfallen, we made our way up a balcony overlooking the chapel and made one last look at some of the photographs there. A few had some creepy looking characters that would not look out of place in a horror film.

thurnham hall 2

From behind us, both Tom and I heard a loud click or knock sound and we turned round to see about six feet away from us the chandelier was now swinging quite violently!

The chapel does not have a floor above it, and so we knew that no one could get to the fixings of the chandelier. There had been little wind at all outside let alone inside the building, and nothing else had changed inside the room since we had entered, and yet, as we stared with open jaws, the large chandelier, which is some four to five feet across, now rocked back and forth I would estimate between six inches and a foot total movement.

Needless to say, I was very excited by this activity as it seemed to confirm the information I had received earlier by clairsentience. We called in the rest of the team to witness the swinging which continued for about ten minutes before slowing down and then coming to a complete stop after another 10 to 15 minutes. We ruled out any rational explanation we could think of for the movement and so at the end of the night I for one, had to conclude that the most likely cause of the moment was, in fact, paranormal.

I did of course thank the person responsible for pushing the chandelier, although I would love to know how they got to it as it was in the middle of the ceiling with no clear way for a normal person to get to it without ladders. I suppose the spirit could have got to it from the balcony myself and Tom were on, however they would have needed very, very long arms or a ghostly long pole to tap the chandelier on the side (from our point of view) to have it swinging left and right from where we stood. It was good evidence for the team, but for me, as someone who had felt someone come up to me and say something like “Just you watch! I’ll move it for you tonight!”, it was one of the most memorable and amazing events of my paranormal career.

Thank you Thurnham Hall!

thurnham hall 1


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