Welcome to the home of PART, the Paranormal Activity Research Team


PART featured on three episodes of Ghost Town's Live in 2006 filmed in Halifax.

Who We Are

PART is a Leeds based team of professional and serious paranormal investigators using scientific and logical methods to investigate a mix of venues from homes to museums and offices to pubs. Although we consider and use paranormal means of investigating, this is rarely used in compiling evidence unless it can be backed up and proven scientifically.

P.A.R.T. was formed in early 2002 with one aim:

To research the cause and effect of paranormal occurrences, in order to help people understand their experiences.

The group consists of various professionals from different backgrounds which complement the groups aim. Each  team member has specialist knowledge of a paranormal subject and is dedicated to both helping people affected by events and researching the numerous questions that the subject as a whole creates.

Using a variety of techniques, modern technology and scientific research methods, alongside proven and trusted sensitives (mediums), we assess and collect every piece of evidence. We provide our services free of charge and only gain in our knowledge and experience from each investigation we conduct.

Over the years we have developed our mission statement and procedures through hard work and many hours of investigation time. After thoroughly assessing all of the evidence within our archive the majority of experiences have been found to have a scientific or rational explanation. Our open-minded approach enables us to accept the remaining evidence as being genuinely paranormal (i.e. can not be explained using current scientific knowledge).

If you are interested in having the team investigate a venue you know of then  take a look at our services or if you want to know more about the paranormal, have a look here.